Online reputation management and ‘negative’ social media comments: how not to deal with them

Angry and frustrated customer service rep Today, whatever people say can find its way online, and it can seriously affect a business in a positive or negative manner; this is precisely why ‘online reputation management’ garners so much significance.

I have tackled the importance of dealing with criticism on social media a few times before but recent experiences have shown once again that there is a thin line between “respecting the rules of dealing with criticism” and losing your temper (that’s normal, you’re human, we all have our days but some days it’s better to shut up).

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Customer-centricity, multichannel marketing, relevant content and CRM 2.0: has anything changed?

When talking about social CRM with people, the first company that is mentioned often is It is weird to see how people link a topic such as social CRM immediately with a company or platform.

However, social CRM is much more than that. Yes, it is also about having a holistic and multichannel view on your customers and prospects. And, yes, it’s about social networks and CRM platforms too.

But most of all, at least according to me, it’s about a customer-centric mindset.

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