Enterprise 2.0 collaboration software Glasscubes goes Google Apps

Before I “talk” about something I like to test drive it. But that approach has made that I still must test drive like 10 applications and that people start sending mails asking me when I’m going to start testing their great apps.

So, sorry people at Glasscubes, I am going to write a small post about the press release you’ve sent me, but I won’t have the time to do an interview (and sorry to all the others waiting also, there are but 24 hours in a day).

When I take a quick look at the features Glasscubes offers, I immediately think a bit about 37Signal’s Basecamp and Box.net (I was a Basecamp customer, now I use Box.net) but also about social CRM for small businesses.

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Box.net enhances mobile collaboration possibilities

Probably most of you will know Box.net. It’s a web based content management and collaboration tool. It’s a bit comparable to Basecamp but there are differences between both.

I have been using Basecamp myself for ages, but recently I moved to Box.net. For two simple reasons.

First, Box.net offers everything I need at a lower price. But most of all, Box.net has great integration possibilities with platforms such as LinkedIn, Salesforce.com, eFax, Twitter, Google Apps, Zoho and Ning (via “OpenBox”), to name just a few.

And I haven’t even mentioned the possibilities to post from Box.net to your blog.

Anyway, that’s a personal note, Basecamp is great but Box.net simply suits me better. Social and integrated, remember?

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