Enterprise 2.0 collaboration software Glasscubes goes Google Apps

Before I “talk” about something I like to test drive it. But that approach has made that I still must test drive like 10 applications and that people start sending mails asking me when I’m going to start testing their great apps.

So, sorry people at Glasscubes, I am going to write a small post about the press release you’ve sent me, but I won’t have the time to do an interview (and sorry to all the others waiting also, there are but 24 hours in a day).

When I take a quick look at the features Glasscubes offers, I immediately think a bit about 37Signal’s Basecamp and Box.net (I was a Basecamp customer, now I use Box.net) but also about social CRM for small businesses.

I’m not saying Glasscubes is a social CRM platform but it sure has features that enable it to be used as one if you’re a small business or self-employed. In case you want to know what I use: well, it’s BatchBook.

But Glasscubes is not like BatchBook, that’s all about social CRM. It’s a web-based collaboration software with features that you won’t find in some other, similar tools (like phone conferencing and other features).

To cut a long story short: the people from Glasscubes sent me an announcement that their software has been accepted into the Google Apps Marketplace.

I quote the PR: “Not only does the Google Apps Marketplace allow Google users to increase their productivity by using supported add-on applications, but it allows Glasscubes to build its brand and increase its user base”.

I would love to interview MD Wayne Pope about how businesses of all sizes can improve their processes and cut costs using a hosted collaboration solution, but it will not be for now.

And is anyone still doubting those benefits?

Check out Glasscubes here (anyone can test drive it for me?) or watch the video below.

GlassCubes Overview from Glasscubes on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 collaboration software Glasscubes goes Google Apps”

  1. Ive been using Time Doctor . It’s a easy to use software as it will give you an
    update on your daily goals and what you will be targeting next to accomplish and helps improve overall decision making.

  2. Glasscubes is great as a “free” online collaboration and project management platform. It’s easy to look at and intuitive to use. Unfortunately, when they say that it’s free, what they really mean is “It’s free as long as you don’t use it as a team.” In fact, as soon as you want to add more than 5 people, it starts costing. Is there actually any “free” online collaboration and project management platform out there that is actually free? Please let me know if there is because I certainly haven’t found one yet.

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