Introducing a new contributor with an interview: Michele Linn

Michele_Linn I’m pleased to introduce you to a new contributor to this blog.

Her name is Michele Linn and we got to know each other when I posted an interview with Michele, by another contributor, Ambal Balakrishnan.

Michele is a B2B content marketing strategist with a passion for helping companies use content to connect with their ideal buyers.


In addition to creating reader-focused content such as eBooks, websites, and white papers, she also helps her clients think through strategies on how to design and promote content to engage with their audience. 

She is a founding member and frequent blogger at Savvy B2B Marketing. Her website is Linn Communications.

You can (of course) also follow her on Twitter.

That’s the official introduction but you can learn more about Michele by reading the interview I mentioned in the introduction.

PS: on a personal note; Michele also was kind enough last Sunday to help me with something and I want to thank her again for it here.


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