HubSpot’s social media monitoring in 10 minutes per day

You probably know those books that promise to learn you something in 10 minutes per day. The people at HubSpot put a slideshare presentation online two weeks ago, called ‘Social media monitoring in 10 minutes per day’.

Don’t worry: going through the slideshare won’t take you ten minutes per day. It’s the social media monitoring that should at least take you ten minutes per day, HubSpot claims.

I quickly went through the slideshare. After an introduction about social media marketing and inbound marketing (with the nice funnel chart), you get some insights in and tips for social media monitoring in this 60-slide presentation.

Here are some social media monitoring key takeaways:

  • Social media monitoring is about listening (I hope you knew that much)
  • The cycle is: share (content), listen, listen more, build relationships and again share, etc.
  • As I said before: a daily minimum for social media monitoring is ten minutes

From a more practical perspective, here’s how HubSpot advises you to do it:

  • Setup Google Alerts
  • Add the feeds to Google Reader
  • Create feeds for Twitter
  • Add feeds from LinkedIn Answers
  • Add some industry-specific feeds
  • Add Facebook (and monitor it)

Now, there’s much more of course. HubSpot also talks about what to do with the insights and comments you get, how to “get shared” in social media conversations, how to measure the impact on your funnel and of course some tools to use (basically it’s own services).

Of course there are other ways to engage in social media monitoring but, still, an interesting slideshare to go through.

Here it is. And if the people at HubSpot do what they preach (no doubt there), they should know about this post very fast.

Of course this does not mean they will comment on it 🙂

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