HubSpot’s social media monitoring in 10 minutes per day

You probably know those books that promise to learn you something in 10 minutes per day. The people at HubSpot put a slideshare presentation online two weeks ago, called ‘Social media monitoring in 10 minutes per day’.

Don’t worry: going through the slideshare won’t take you ten minutes per day. It’s the social media monitoring that should at least take you ten minutes per day, HubSpot claims.

I quickly went through the slideshare. After an introduction about social media marketing and inbound marketing (with the nice funnel chart), you get some insights in and tips for social media monitoring in this 60-slide presentation.

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Google Buzz after the buzz and before the release

By now, half the planet knows that yesterday evening Google has announced a new service, called Buzz. I wanted to cover it but unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day and this blogger went to bed instead.

Enough personal stuff. Now that the buzz about Google Buzz is a bit over, time to take a look at it. What does Google Buzz do?

Basically, it allows you to follow the updates of the people that you ‘follow’ in your GMail account and respond to them. But there’s more.

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