The role of display advertising in an inbound marketing world: what makes a brand?

J-P De Clerck looks at the role of display ads in the inbound marketing and social media era. Please share your thoughts.

Next month, IAB Europe organizes its annual Interact Congress, this time in Barcelona. As you know, the IAB, in Europe at least, is predominantly about interactive advertising (yes, it’s in the name of the organization).

For a few years, I’ve been posting now and then on the blog of the event and, after a break, I started again this year. But what was I going to write about, especially in regard to the more traditional forms of interactive advertising like display ads and even search engine ads (do you still spend PPC budgets on AdWords? I rarely do, CPL too high). What is, in  fact, the role of online advertising, and more specifically, display advertising in a world where inbound marketing increasingly rules?

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Customer engagement: AT&T accelerates down the road of loyalty

Logo_at&t recently published a press release on behalf of PR News Wire and First Call. The article was entitled, “AT&T Earns Top Ranking for Wireless Customer Loyalty in Leading Marketing Research Study,” and painted a picture of the current situation at AT&T; a situation that may seemingly benefit them now and in the future.

It may also assist with prospective customers and current customers alike. It may be true that you can’t fully analyze, determine, understand and measure the beneficial nature of building a customer-centric foundation, but AT&T would like to try and seem to be tackling the approach on the right note.

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