Centralizing your social media presences: tips and a warning

Social media can be a maze at times, with hundreds of services colliding to create an environment that confuses even the most tech-savvy marketer.

From Facebook to Twitter, all the way to services like Seesmic and Ning, marketing through social media can often seem like an endless quest to register even more profiles and fill in even more forms. And I even haven’t talked about Digg, FriendFeed, Delicious, Reddit and so many others yet.

Of course, when you spread your influence across multiple profiles, the workload quickly follows. Menial tasks dominate your social media marketing inventory, and even the simplest announcement becomes a two-hour job as you post it across multiple profiles, services, and platforms.

Centralizing your social media presence gives you a chance to cut down on work and increase your online influence, all at the same time.

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