Social media and the forgotten content challenge

Don’t worry, this post is not again about the importance of share-worthy content and user-generated content in social media. It’s about another content challenge.

Many companies still struggle with the basics of relevant and visitor-centric on their web sites. All too often they don’t pay enough attention to the written content, the little words that make people click, the words in web forms and so on.

One of the aspects that is often overlooked when defining a content strategy for a web site is that you need to check the relevance of your content and, more importantly, if there are no web pages or other content items that are completely obsolete. Every content strategy should foresee that. Now, let’s take a look at social media.

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Social media are not push media

Yes, there are tools to increase your number of Twitter followers. Yes, there are companies that will populate your Facebook fan page or will improve your LinkedIn activities. Some of these tools and services are fully automated. Some are purely a matter of outsourcing.

On Twitter, it’s perfectly possible to automatically follow people based on the content of their tweets. And your follower count will rapidly grow that way. However, it’s not about quantity, people.

There certainly are legitimate businesses that will build a community for you, content production included. Everyone does what he wants but the distinction between authenticity – a crucial element of social media marketing – and getting volume for the sake of volume sometimes gets really narrow.

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