Email or social media: empathy and listening are key in customer service

Joseph jaffe the customer service manifesto Recently I wrote about Joseph Jaffe’s Customer Service Manifesto. Now, Joseph doesn’t mean customer service as most of us interprete it (problem solving, etc.). However, in this post I will use the term in its more traditional sense.

Today we are using all possible channels to provide customer service to our customers. As I wrote earlier, people demand 24/24 and 7/7.

And I don’t mind adding to it that people have inflated expectations and sometimes demands that are exaggerated. We live in a society of instant gratification and, to be honest, I personally find this rather sad.

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Social networking usage (Facebook…) surpassed email: what does it mean?

Morgan Stanley yesterday released its latest Internet trends report.

In the PDF version of that report, which is a nice collection of stats and graphs for your next PowerPoint presentation, there is a graphic that shows that, from a communications perspective, social networking has surpassed email.

The graph, that is based on comScore data, clearly indicates that social networking usage surpassed email.

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