Social media marketing mistake #2: social media are isolated communication channels

Do you have an active Twitter account? Is your business on Facebook? Cool. But it’s not the same as engaging in social media marketing. Social media are interconnected and so should your marketing be.

Use Twitter, Facebook, your blog, your email marketing and any other communication and interaction channel and let them strengthen each other. Today customers decide themselves how they want to be in touch with your business so offer them all the options you can and connect these various channels and media.

Your customers don’t limit themselves to just one medium either.

Social media marketing mistake #1: being present is enough

Social media marketing requires an ongoing commitment. Simply being present and a ‘me too’ attitude will bring more harm to your business than benefits.

A simple presence on Facebook or Twitter is just the start of a relationship. It’s like in real life: if you don’t speak, listen and answer, you will not be perceived as the most social person. The same applies to your company.

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