Facebook and Nielsen report: “advertisers can’t buy earned media”

Nielsen facebook advertising campaign report 2010Facebook and Nielsen published a joint report, called Advertising Effectiveness: Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression”.

Both companies want to answer the “need for guidance when it comes to measuring the value of social media advertising” that they have heard from “countless brand marketers”.

The joint report shows some first results of an analysis of survey data from over 800,000 Facebook users and how they responded to over 125 ad campaigns (from 70 brand advertisers) on the king of social networks.

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Updated data from Nielsen on worldwide use of social networking sites

According to recently updated data from Nielsen, the amount of time that people from around the world spend on social networking web sites has increased by 2 hours per person each month from 2009.

The study asked participants in 10 major countries how long they spent each month on web sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Classmates Online. The average across the study concluded that each person spent around five and a half hours using such sites every month.

This included access both at home and at work.

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