Value in engagement, content and social media marketing: respect and ROI

Value Value is a word with a lot of meanings. Most of the time I use it in the context of ‘valuable’ content or delivering value to people in a content, engagement and social media marketing context.

But of course it also has other meanings. The first meaning, as I just described it, has to do with perceived value in relationships and ultimately is about respect, which is something completely different from value as in $.

Value is like conversations: it’s two-ways. In social media marketing you need commitment and the will to really communicate. And that includes sharing.

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Email deliverability: don’t always blame the ESP, here’s what you can do!

Luc Robijns Email campaign management programs and ESPs are not all created equal, and not all actually do what they say they can regarding results, deliverability etc.   

However, email service providers are far from solely responsible for deliverability, although many marketers still seem to think so.

Actually, email marketers themselves play an important role in protecting their inbox delivery rates. In order to boost your deliverability, email clickthroughs and conversions, here are some tips and insights.   

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