3 thoughts on “Measuring social email marketing: what are the KPI’s and how do we track them?”

  1. Great questions.
    When using a tool like Radian6 to assist monitoring a social e-marketing campaign, you would want to set up a topic profile to listen for specific keywords related to the
    email campaign and the sharable content attached to it. This would create a baseline of mentions prior to the launch. Then when the email campaign is launched it spreads the content out to the community that it hopefully be relevant to. If it is relevant then the community will start to share it in their various networks (tweeting it, blogging about it, commenting on the videos (if there were videos)etc…) All of this activity in public social networks can then be tracked and measured to determine the level of buzz, level of engagement, commenting activity etc..against the baseline that was taken
    prior to the campaign.
    Also, part of the problem around poor social media lift is that many companies are probably still sharing promotional messages in their email campaigns as opposed to content relevant to people that are reaching out to. Very few people are willing to read let alone share promotional messages. However, if you have content that is worthy and the mechanisms are there to easily share it then I think companies will start to see the lift they would expect.
    I think the sticking point for many marketers is how to map the social
    conversation across all channels online and offline. The key is to integrate your social media efforts into traditional marketing and aligning with overall business goals. In measurement, you have to go beyond hits to know where and how people are engaging and then loop those conversations back to
    the individual and sales/decision making cycle. One way to do this is to
    integrate your email campaign response with legacy CRM systems. There is a
    lot of elbow grease and manual tracking involved to connect all the dots and
    properly measure to show return.
    I would also suggest
    overlaying the social conversation and keywords with your site interaction
    data. The Radian6 tool integrates with Webtrends data and this is a great
    start. For more information about this type of integration, please visit:
    http://www.radian6.com/applications/social-meets-web-analytics/ and
    Please let me know if you have any further questions. This is a great topic to explore.
    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

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