Joseph Jaffe at MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10: happy customers equal new customers

Joseph Jaffe, keynote speaker at MarketingSherpa's Email Summit '10 Today, Joseph Jaffe opened the second day at MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10. It seems that Joseph’s keynote was quite a success, the last few hours the things he said were all over Twitter.


Our man in Miami followed Joseph Jaffe’s keynote, below you can read what he mailed me about it. Joseph Jaffe presented his new book and theory, called “Flip the funnel”.


Kenny, who runs Emailgarage, feels that the new theory is a bit like Frederick F. Reichheld’s customer loyalty but then with a social media marketing flavor. Since I first interviewed Joseph ages ago on his book “Life after the 30-second spot”, we met several times and besides being a nice bloke, he knows how to passionate an audience. Our man in Miami seemed excited too, but he tried to resume Joseph’s keynote in a few snapshots. Here they are:




  • Retention is the new acquisition (yep, I think we can get Joseph’s point here).
  • Customer service becomes the new key in marketing (good customer service, good word of mouth, new customers?)
  • The real role of social media is retention (see below)

4 levels of engagement & activation:

  • Product
  • Brand
  • Experiential
  • Communal

The 3 step plan:

1. Unify inbound/outbound service
2. Marry customer experience with word of mouth
3. Formalize the process:  A New Customer Activation Model: Content , Conversations, Commendations.

It seems as if the C’s are everywhere these days. Let me add some: context, community, customer…

2 out of the 10 famous rules in customer service:

1. Customer Service doesn’t stop @ 5PM on a Friday
2. All customers are equal (but some are more important than others)

Flip the Funnel: How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones by Joseph Jaffe Our man in Miami concludes: overall it looks as a very interesting new theory. He says he knows what book he will be reading this evening!

Looks like Jaffejuice did it again, and I hope to tell you more soon. In the meantime: Joseph’s new book (I think the third one by now) is called “Flip the Funnel: How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones”.


By the way: looking at the title tells much about it; there is indeed a lot of customer retention and customer service going on in that title with the purpose to get word of mouth, recommendations and thus new customers.


That’s why the title of this post says ‘happy customers equal new customers’ (does this sound right, Joseph, if you read this?).


The book is available at an Amazon store near you: that means everywhere. Isn’t the WWW great? If you wanted a signed copy, you had to be in Miami!


Stay tuned as our man in Miami keeps following what goes on at MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10. Thanks for your report, Kenny, have fun!


Joseph promised me an interview soon but with the acquisition of his company Crayon, he had other things to do, I hope we’ll make contact soon so that he can develop his ideas here more in detail.


By the way: “flip the funnel” sounded kind of familiar to me and then I remembered Seth Godin put an eBook, called “flipping the funnel” a few years ago. It was about empowering your fans to speak up. I looked it up, it’s from January 2006 and it’s still online (you can download it here). A quote: “Turn strangers into friends. Turn friends into customers. And then… do the most important job: Turn your customers into salespeople”. Update: I’m not the only one remembering that eBook, my man in Miami says Joseph mentioned it himself 🙂


So here you have it: a whole lot of reading on flipping funnels. That’s it for today.


PS: since I’ve been going on about Haiti all day long; Joseph used his influence (see this post) and had the great idea of auctioning off a keynote presentation with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross / Haiti Relief (see here). Normally, the auction is over, but of course you can donate directly, click here.



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