Social media marketing tips and mistakes

As I said on the last day of 2009, I am going through some stuff I wrote elsewhere in the last months of last year and through some opinions and facts about email marketing and social media marketing.

Here is a post about an eBook, that you can still download, called ‘The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Social Media Marketing…And How to Avoid Them’.

It’s written by Len Cercone of communication agency CerconeBrownCompany.

The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Social Media Marketing: A Practical Guide to Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and other Social Media Marketing The document is ‘a practical guide to Twitter, Facebook, blogging and other social media marketing’ but it’s also a message from the agency to advertisers that often tell their agencies ‘they absolutely have to get on Twitter, Facebook and the likes’.

Maybe it should not be ‘we have to jump on the social media wagon right now and right here’ but as Cercone writes ‘let us develop a cohesive, dynamic approach to building our Web presence’.

Another message is that fear of being behind in online and social media marketing is not a good advisor.

As Cercone writes: ‘with a little time, patience and planning, these same companies will realize that they are not behind, but jumping into a still new and developing marketing frontier’.

Here are the seven deadly social media marketing mistakes according to Len:

1. Believing that a Facebook page or Twitter account will attract prospects
2. Taking a fragmented approach
3. Thinking SEO is for programmers
4. Underestimating time, energy and resources needed
5. Creating online content that’s all about you
6. Viewing a launch date as the finish line
7. Using the wrong metrics and analytics

And here is the eBook (PDF).

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