The role of email marketing in the social media day and age (part 2 of 2)

In the first post about the role of email marketing in the social media day and age, I wrote that email marketing is not only about customer satisfaction and will continue to be used for other purposes too.

So what are these other purposes email marketing will still be used for? Let us look at a few and see how they have changed in this social media day and age. I’m just running through them and adding some thoughts from a social media perspective now and then.

There is much more to say about each and everyone of them. That’s where I hope your comments come in. Let’s summarize them and please say what you think.

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The different steps in a social media marketing campaign: an interview

Bart De Waele You probably know that I have been saying that email marketing, social media marketing and every other form of marketing you can imagine should be a part of an encompassing marketing strategy, enabling you to see the big picture (and the overall ROI), instead of focusing on the channels and media themselves.

Recently, I interviewed Bart De Waele. He’s a Belgian social media expert so you might have never heard about him before. However, his social media marketing and online reputation management company (one of his many ventures) is doing quite well.

I asked Bart to talk a bit about his views on social media marketing. 

For starters, I asked Bart what, according to him, the different steps are that should be taken in a social media marketing campaign.

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