The role of email marketing in the social media day and age (part 2 of 2)

In the first post about the role of email marketing in the social media day and age, I wrote that email marketing is not only about customer satisfaction and will continue to be used for other purposes too.

So what are these other purposes email marketing will still be used for? Let us look at a few and see how they have changed in this social media day and age. I’m just running through them and adding some thoughts from a social media perspective now and then.

There is much more to say about each and everyone of them. That’s where I hope your comments come in. Let’s summarize them and please say what you think.

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Article marketing : an interview with Christopher Knight (

Christopher Knight from Worldwide Alexa traffic rank: 131. In the US : 58. Number of sites linking in: 33,232. Online: since end 1999. Who are we talking about ?, a website with a design that feels a bit as if Jakob Nielsen designed it (sorry, Jakob, just kidding) but who cares?

Not Christopher Knight, the founder of the website and the number one in article marketing from an Alexa viewpoint, before first competitor Articlesbase.

However, both have another business model and different approach as I’ll explain in later posts. In this post, it’s all about article marketing and since I interviewed Christoper Knight to find out the facts and myths about article marketing and to find out if and why companies should publish or reprint articles from a site such as in their email newsletters, websites, blogs, etc.

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