BtoB Magazine: Email, Content and Social Key Priorities for B2B Marketers

B2B Online priorities 2011 business using social media According to a survey by BtoB Magazine, stead on is the way to go when considering online B2B marketing tactics. 78.5% of the respondents expect their online budgets to go up this year. Let’s take a look at where they expect the money to be going.

70% of respondents will spend more on their website marketing, followed closely by email 68% and 62% reporting they planned to increase spending on social media. Search engine marketing comes up right after social with 57% planning to increase budgets in that area.

B2B marketers used to have a tendency to stick with what works – preferring to remain in what they believe is the comfort zone of their target market. However, these numbers certainly seem to suggest that marketers for B2B are at least  looking at multiple channels to get their message across. Recent research from MarketingSherpa also showed that inbound marketing and social media are on the rise.

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The role of email marketing in the social media day and age (part 2 of 2)

In the first post about the role of email marketing in the social media day and age, I wrote that email marketing is not only about customer satisfaction and will continue to be used for other purposes too.

So what are these other purposes email marketing will still be used for? Let us look at a few and see how they have changed in this social media day and age. I’m just running through them and adding some thoughts from a social media perspective now and then.

There is much more to say about each and everyone of them. That’s where I hope your comments come in. Let’s summarize them and please say what you think.

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