Twitter, brands and search engine marketing

Some interesting thoughts from Michael Kahn (Performics) on the importance for brands to get their Twitter handle and on the importance of Twitter for search engine marketing.

Kahn: “Relevant brands have to have a presence on Twitter. Brand name Twitter handles are far too valuable to your brand to let them sit out there for squatters to scoop up. If someone else grabs your handle, they are controlling your brand’s message”

And then about search engines: “People are searching for brands within the social networks; and the search engines rank Twitter pages highly for brand name searches. Social sites within the search engine results pages (SERPs) are here to stay. If brands do not control their Twitter page, they risk losing control of their brand’s message on Twitter and in search. A user searching for a brand on Google could easily come across a Twitter page that may look like an official brand page, but is really a consumer complaint page or a page controlled by that brand’s competitors”. 

Nice interview but a bit long. You can read it here.

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