Content marketing: predictions from 39 B2B marketers and marketing automation experts

Recently, I posted about Junta42’s research regarding content marketing and where it’s heading. The people at Click Documents also have published content marketing predictions, but they took another approach. Click Documents invited some industry experts to share their opinions.

With the support of Marketo, a US-based B2B marketing automation and lead management company I interviewed here before, all this resulted in a nice eBook. It’s called “Key Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2010” and contains very interesting findings, content marketing tips and the opinions of some great people.

Ambal Balakrishnan, president and co-founder of Click Documents asked 39 of the world’s top B2B marketers, email marketers, marketing automation experts and social media mavens one straightforward question: “What are key marketing trends and predictions for 2010?”

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Guest post: how Twitter can be used in B2B marketing

Jon Miller from Marketo End of last year US-based marketing automation specialist Marketo announced that it has integrated B2B social media capabilities, including Twitter, with its lead management solution.

In this post Jon Miller, VP Marketing and co-founder, shares his view on how Twitter and social media in general can and should be used for marketing purposes.

Below you can read Jon’s view on the subject.

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