Social media marketing: all you need is love (I mean voices, ears and stories)

Socialmediamarketingpeople If you don’t have the channels to allow people to connect with you, they will not communicate.

If you don’t look at what people are doing online, listen to what they say, talk to them and touch them, you will not be able to read their digital footprints, smell the digital signals they send out and ultimately go beyond simple social media connections to build valuable relationships and communities.

In social media marketing you need to have an integrated marketing approach, using all your channels and social media ‘voices’ and of course you also need to listen.

Besides those omni-channel, multi-channel or cross-channel marketing ‘voices’ and ‘ears’ you need stories.

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The Tipping Point and social media

Jonas Klit Nielsen from Mindjumpers This is not a post about when social media hits the Tipping Point; it’s more a bunch of some initial thoughts on a part of Malcom Gladwell´s theory and who in social media it applies to.

Said from the beginning – I would like your comments and thoughts on this – so please while reading, prepare yourself to leave those valuable thoughts.

At Mindjumpers, we have for a while now been looking into the first part of the Tipping Point theory, the part of how things go viral, not through the quantity of people, but through the quality.

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